Cost Control

Keep your costs under control.

Keep an eye on your data consumption at any time. With Cost Control, track your data consumption in real time and purchase additional Data Packs.

Cost control

How does it work?

1. Make sure that you have turned on your mobile data and deactivated your Wi-Fi. This function is not available via Wi-Fi.


2. Access the Cost Control page using this link:
You can access this page worldwide without extra charge. We recommend you to add it to your bookmarks to access it faster when you need it.


3. From there, you will be able to monitor your data consumption in Switzerland and abroad and to verify how much data you have left according to your subscription.


4. You will then also have the opportunity to purchase Data Packs in one click (which will be charged to your next bill).

Data Packs

To surf abroad or in Switzerland at an attractive rate, you have the possibility to buy additional Data Packs. These can be purchased if your subscription does not include a data volume or if you ran out of the data included in your subscription as well as your Data Pack.