Post Mobile Swiss

The practical subscription for all of Switzerland.

Lifetime discount

The subscription includes

  • Unlimited calls in Switzerland
  • Unlimited SMS in Switzerland
  • Unlimited internet at maximum speed 5G in Switzerland
  • 2 GB internet in EUROPE zone*

CHF 19.95 /month

Advantages of your Post Mobile Swiss subscription

Cost Control


Cost Control

Keep your cost under control with our Cost Control service.


It doesn’t get more practical than this

Your flat rate for Switzerland.


With the Post Mobile Swiss subscription, you’re on the safe side – calls, SMS and internet unlimited in Switzerland. Plus you get 2 GB of high-speed internet in Europe. Now that’s yellow.

Frequently asked questions

As a new Post Mobile Swiss subscription customer, you will receive a new SIM card within 3 working days of your order being accepted. The activation fee is CHF 49.95.

You'll find all the information you need about the Post Mobile Swiss subscription here.

The Post Mobile Swiss subscription is available online, in our Post branches, or by calling the free number 0800 780 790.

You will find the various ways of receiving bills and the payment methods on this page

You can find all information about the details of your bill on this page

To keep track of your consumption, simply visit Cost Control.

Details of the offer

This offer is valid until 22.07.2024 for a new Post Mobile Swiss subscription at 19.95/month instead of 24.95/month. 

Discount: discount applied lifetime for online orders only.

Minimum contract duration: one month. 

Activation fees: CHF 49.95. 

Additional roaming data: Data DayPass available to use internet while abroad in the EUROPE or TRAVEL zone.

* In majority of Europe, list of countries on

Do you have any question?

If you have any questions or issues, you can find all the answers you may need on our "help" page. 

In this section you will find answers regarding: 
   - Your contract: subpscription, My Account, etc.
   - Roaming: options, usage, etc.
   - Bill: How to get and pay your bill, etc.
   - Additional services: Data Packs, Wi-Fi Calling, SBB FreeSurf, etc.