Your Post Mobile bill explained

Everything you need to know about your bill.


The billing period runs from the 10th of the month to the 9th of the next month. Payment is due by the 28th of the month. Sometimes you'll see pro rata charges. These apply when you have activated or terminated a subscription during a billing period. They may also apply if you have activated certain options during the billing period and these are options for which we only charge for the days used. For example if you activate a subscription on the 20th of the month, we will only charge from the 20th of that month.


1. In this section, you will find your new billing account number. As of now, this is your unique reference number for all interaction with Post Mobile to ensure fast identification. 
2. Your initial balance: when your invoice is issued, we will take into account all outstanding amounts and payments received up to the 1st of each month, which corresponds to your initial balance. In case of payment in advance and overpayment, the balance will be in your favour and will be deducted from the total amount of your invoice. Whereas in case of payment delay, the balance will be in our favour and has to be paid immediately in order to avoid additional fees.
Important: On your first invoice the amount of the activation fees paid during your order is displayed in your favour in this section.
3. Your monthly costs: your costs for the current month (including VAT) are summarized in the total amount of your invoice.
4. Your monthly cost: please pay the invoiced net amount (highlighted in yellow) by the 28th of each month at the latest.
5. Your QR-bill and payment options: the amount indicated on your QR-bill is the amount you have to pay by the 28th at the latest. Should there be an open balance in our favour, please pay it by using the corresponding QR-bill or, alternatively, online by credit card in My Account or in a Post branch.


6. Subscriptions & Options . The detail is provided for each of your lines with the users name and the corresponding number. Your subscription is usually billed for an entire month. However, if you have purchased or changed a subscription during the billing cycle, you will be billed on a pro rata basis, except for certain options. 

7. Your consumption. Here you can find your monthly usage in Switzerland and abroad (calls, SMS, data and premium services).

8. One-time charges and compensations. Eventual one-time charges and compensations indicated in this section are added on your billing account.


Page 3 shows all your usage whether or not the costs are included in your subscription. If you get your bill by email, you get this automatically and it's free. If you get a paper bill, you can choose to have this detail for CHF 5.- a month. 

You might see pro rata billing. In this case you are being billed for a subscription or option in proportion to the number of days you've used, so it will be less than the normal charge. You might see pro rata billing when:

  • you buy a new subscription or option;
  • you upgrade or change your subscription;
  • you cancel your service.

In the first and last months of your contract, the monthly fee is charged pro rata. So if your subscription is CHF 40.-/month, and you join halfway through a month, you'll pay CHF 20.-.

Exclusive options:
For some options, it's not possible to bill for part of a month. This means that in the first and last months you will pay a full monthly charge.

  • If you leave your voicemail box activated abroad, unanswered incoming calls which are redirected to your voicemail box will be charged if you are in a country which is not included in your price plan or if the call volume included in your price plan is already consumed. You will see the charges both in the section «Calls received abroad» and in «Calls from abroad», as incoming calls are reaching your mobile phone abroad and then are redirected to your voicemail box in Switzerland.
  • In the «Calls passed from abroad» section, your own calls to your voicemail box are displayed with the number 418607XXXX (XXXX being your number).

Example of a subscription not including roaming in France:


  • If you want to avoid these charges, you can add a roaming option for the country you are visiting (See this page).
  • You can also decide to deactivate your voicemail box when travelling (see this page)

Value-added services

Value-added service numbers are used by companies to provide and charge a service through a number.

In Switzerland, value-added services are usually starting with 08 or 09 (0800 are however free of charge).

Calls to these numbers are displayed on the bill in the «Value-added services» section.



Premium SMS

Premium SMS are a good method to pay specific services via your mobile phone.

They are displayed in the «Premium SMS» section on your bill.



However, if you want to avoid costly misuses, you may want to block them. You can block premium and adult services by sending an SMS with BLOCK ALL to 5155. To block only adult services, send BLOCK ADULT to 5155.
Please note:

This only blocks the services billed via Post Mobile.

If you send BLOCK ALL, you will no longer be able to use your phone to pay for certain services (e.g. Selecta, parking tickets, etc.).

Those SMS are not sent by Post Mobile. They are sent by a service provider.

Emailed bills arrive sooner, always include full detail of your usage, you can pay online – and they're free.

Additional service charges, which you can find on your bill, are explained below.

SIM card      CHF 59.95 per new SIM card                                                          
Paper bill (summary)      CHF 2.95 per invoice
Paper bill (detailed)   CHF 5.- per invoice
Reminder fees   CHF 30.- for the first payment reminded and up to CHF 75.- for each  
   subsequent reminder
Suspension fees    CHF 50.- per Post Mobile customer account
Payment fees   CHF 4.45 per payment ISR at Post Office counter
Bill payment fee   CHF 4.95 per payment made by contacting our Contact Center

Payment fees: CHF 4.45 per payment at Post Office counter.