Pay and recharge


Go to My Account → Bills and view your bills and payment details for free.

To receive additional copies of the bill, please contact us.

An additional copy of the bill costs:

  • CHF 4.95 when sent by email (up to 6 bills).
  • CHF 9.95 when sent by email (for more than 6 bills).
  • CHF 9.95 when sent by post (up to 6 bills).
  • CHF 19.95 when sent by post (for more than 6 bills).

Copy of the account statement/account summary with invoice and payment details (dates, amounts, methods, etc.) costs CHF 9.95.

For more information on receiving and paying the bill, visit this page

eBills and bills delivered by email are FREE.

Paper bills delivered monthly by post cost:

  • CHF 2.95/month for summary bills.
  • CHF 5.-/month for detailed bills.

For more information on receiving and paying the bill, visit this page

You will find the various ways of receiving invoices and the payment methods on this page

You can find all information about the details of your bill on this page


Make sure you always pay your bills before the 28th of the month. If you have received a reminder by SMS or by email, go to My Account, consult your bill and pay online. If you pay by automatic direct debit, make sure that your bank or post account has sufficient funds.

If you do not pay by the due date:

  •    You will receive reminders after a certain period. We will charge you CHF 30.- for each reminder.
  • Should we still not have received payment, your connection will be suspended at a certain time. You will be charged CHF 50.- for this process.

Note: Even if your connection has been suspended, we can still send you reminders of CHF 30.- each.

You can pay via:

  • Direct debit
  • eBill
  • Credit card in My Account 
  • E-banking
  • PostFinance card

More details on How to get & pay your bill. 


You can recharge your balance at any time and from anywhere.


If you have a voucher:

  • Enter #121*RECHARGECODE# or #121*RECHARGECODE#PHONENUMBER# (if you want to recharge someone else’s Prepaid balance), without spaces and press the call button. The number must have the format 41781234567.
  • Call our Recharge hotline 0800 780 720 / +41 78 780 7200 (chargeable from abroad).

On your phone:

Your current balance will be displayed on your screen.

In My Account:

  •    The details of your balance are also available in My Account.

Please note that your mobile devices consume data, even if you are not actively using the internet.
Since the daily Prepaid tariff of CHF 1.99 is charged, as soon as an internet connection is established, the amount will be deducted from your balance on a daily basis, as long as internet data remain active.

To avoid this, we recommend that you proceed as follows:

  • Disable mobile data and enable the functionality only when you actually want to surf the internet.  
  • Activate a one of our Prepaid Data Packs (As soon as the included data volume is used up, the internet access will be blocked and no additional costs will be incurred).

You can switch from Prepaid to a monthly subscription anytime.

  • Visit My Account → Offers.
  • Under I want to migrate the following number select your Prepaid number.
  • Click on migrate the selected number and follow the instructions.

No activation costs will be charged.